Company role information




Regarding the selection of Company roles & Steelwrist relation

In this section of the user registrationform you will need to specify your employee role or roles in your company organisation. If more than one company role matches your work description, then select multiple roles to your useraccount.

This information selected in this field will be used for enabling functions & information on the Supportweb but also to be able to announce specific information directly to the correct fields/departments in your company.

Also the Steelwrist relation is to be specified in this field to be able to even more specific direct information to you as a Steelwrist Supportweb user.

The Steelwrist relations to be specified is currently;

Dealer – Dealers that sell and support Steelwrist products directly to the end customers.
Service partner – Partners to Steelwrist that handles support & service to Steelwrist products.
Other relation – All other Steelwrist relation except from the two relations above.

All company roles & Steelwrist relations selected to your Steelwrist useraccount will be checked out by the Steelwrist Support team upon user registration.
If any of the company roles or Steelwrist relations selected, can not be confirmed as correct by the Steelwrist Support team then we own the rights to deselect those properties from your useraccount as we find incorrect without a specific notice.